GPI 095- Always deliver early and write the actual time and date next to the scheduled time and date – let them see how good you are!

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Whenever possible, deliver as early as allowed without bothering customers.  Ask if it is ok to bring parts earlier than originally agreed and if accepted, get that load out of your shop.  Always deliver to your customer ahead of their stated schedule.  There are several reasons for always being early; the most important lies with future business that your company relies upon.

Start being obsessive about making your customer delivery times regardless what it takes to achieve those goals.  Why?

Reasons to deliver early:

  1. Deliver early to your vendor so he does not have to question when your load will arrive. Do not make him worry; deliver early.
  2. Deliver your parts or service as early as possible because you want to be known as the extremely reliable company; one that runs like clockwork. If you can get trucks to arrive before the customer’s receiving department opens, do so and do it every time.  It may keep your company alive during the next recession when your customers can only hire those vendors with stellar reputations.
  3. Deliver everything early and you will automatically be placed on a selected vendor list. Purchasing agents do not want to be the focus of their company because they cannot get parts in time.  Make the buyer a hero and deliver parts early before they are needed.
  4. Always plan to be at your customers’ facility early and make sure they know you are there with parts sitting in their parking lot as early as allowed.
  5. Teach your drivers to put the delivery deadline on your packing list next to the actual physical date and time that you are delivering their order. Make it easy to see you honor your commitments.
  6. When your buyer is told he must cut his vendors down to three or four from 10 to 15, you want to be in the running for this piece of business. If he can always count on you, he will want to retain your firm.

Buyers remember suppliers who get them out of a bind.  They remember those who deliver.

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