GPI 157 – Teach simple business courtesy for every aspect and employee level of your business.

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Teach great business courtesy to all your employees.  Teach how to professionally handle customers as a formalized part of your employee training.  Do not stop with customer training for only the inside sales people.  Everyone that works for you must be trained on how to treat customers.

Teach business courtesy to your employees:

  • Train the delivery guy who takes products to the home of the customer.  (The customer needs to feel safe, in control and happy with the people who bring and assemble the sales order.)
  • Train the gentlemen who assemble and setup the product in someone’s house or a client’s office.  (Your service crew members personify your company so they better know what they are doing before they go in someone’s home.)
  • Train the man who guides cars in the busy parking lot of your main retail store.  (This man will talk to many customers looking for a space to park, to those who have questions about store hours, to those concerned about parking lot safety, etc.)
  • Train the stock boy who everyone passes in the aisle as he’s kneeling down putting product on the shelf.  (Everyone asks stock boys where products are in the store; they need to know how to give the customer instructions, or they need to get up and go find the product for the customer.)
  • Train the person who cleans your tables in your restaurant.  (The patron who is next to sit at this table should never have any idea anyone ever sat at this table before now at this meal.)
  • Train the man who gathers carts in the parking lot, cleans your shelves in the front of the store or picks up trash in the corporate office of the president of the company.  You do not know who talks to him or whom he speaks every day.  It may be your next $100M customer.
  • Train everyone from the janitor to the president how to say ‘Please’, ‘Thank you for your business’, ‘How may I help you’ or ‘I do not know but I will find someone who does know right now for you.”
  • Train your accounts payable personnel to speak to vendors courteously because those vendors supply the company great products or services at the best prices.
  • Train the maintenance man to be courteous when addressing visiting clients in your facility.
  • Train your human resources personnel to be courteous to potential employees.  Their friendliness may draw the best candidates to come and work for your company.
  • Train your quality control personnel when they speak with customers requesting clarification for approving manufactured parts, to be helpful, friendly and courteous at all times regardless of the circumstances.
  • Teach all your employees regardless of their title and position how to talk to and treat customers professionally.
  • Teach them all how to say these things, and at the same time how to smile genuinely while doing so.   Train your employees to smile at customers; to think mentally they are smiling at their next paycheck.

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