GPI 229 – Tell customers upfront when their problems will be fixed. Make commitments and make them..

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Tell customers when their problems will be resolved.  Customers expect service and quick resolution to their problems.  This will not make them love you 100%, but your quick attention will help to ensure that they most likely will not leave you to buy elsewhere. If they feel you can correct problems that are inevitable, they are likely to stick with you assuming you maintain follow-up and good service.

Everyone knows life is not perfect; neither are vendors.  Customers know life does not go perfectly and will appreciate your quick attention to those times when hell breaks loose.  Great customer service does not cover up the original reasons for the complaints; it addresses them head on. Show your customer your goal is to resolve his issue. You must keep searching and eliminating those original reasons the problems he is facing.

Fix the complaint for the customer.  The most important issue you have is to fix the complaints on behalf of the customer.  They must get resolved to the customers’ satisfaction as often as possible.  People assigned must talk to customers and follow up on dates and times to which they commit. Your personnel must be persistent and consistent and demonstrate to your customers your knack for fixing things. The customers must be informed when their complaint will be fixed.  To regain the trust of the customer, the complaint must be fixed on time and to his satisfaction.

Age and track complaints on a schedule and watch it constantly every business day.  To track issues, age all complaints, check the list and sort it so the oldest complaint pops up first.  Work the report by the oldest items first so they do not fester and become major problems for your customers.  Buyers with complaints will accept reasonable times to get these issues fixed because they handle problems and issue complaints every day.  They demand to see and must experience proper vendor response and ultimate resolution of the problem, both to their liking.

Aging unresolved complaints should trigger alarms up the org chart.  Once a complaint reaches a certain age, the event should trigger the inclusion of a supervisor who then gets to be scrutinized.  His name should pop up on the report and appear there until the issue is resolved, or further becomes a critical item his superior must resolve. Complaints are less likely to fester once they get this much attention as one can imagine.

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