GPI 390 – For your customers, offer contact information for all your retail store’s manufacturers.

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As a courtesy for your customers, prepare an exahaustive list of all of your manufacturers’ names, #800 telephone numbers, warranty telephone numbers, physical return addresses and service addresses to obtain repairs and other critical information for your consumers.  Many of these numbers must be called to register purchases and begin the consumer’s product warranty.

Make the list available for your customers and update it monthly or quarterly. Put an effective date at the top and note whether the store takes items for repairs. If the store does not take repair items or warranty claims, clearly detail where those products are to be sent for this warrantied service.

Give manufacturer websites for product recall information, new free product updates, instruction manual downloads or other helpful information for the buyers of these products throughout your stores.  Provide the same for customers’ complaints, questions about product operations or options, product warranties, return addresses for company refunds or other product information or updates.

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