GPI 420 – What can you give away that your competitors cannot? What are your competitive advantages?

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Think what your firm does that is difficult to get from others in your market area.  What do you make that others cannot?  What does your customer like to receive?

  • Machine shops can give away metal objects (i.e. key chains, plaques, decorative metal items, etc.).
  • Bakeries can give away food items to tempt customers to buy more. (13 doughnuts for the price of a dozen)
  • Insurance agencies can give away suggestions to minimize property loss. (list of things to do or policies to purchase)
  • Tax experts can give away lists of ideas to minimize taxes before the year ends. (ways to save on taxes, when to donate, when to spend on college, when to refinance, etc.)
  • Auto repair shops can give away services with high perceived value that the owner of the vehicle cannot perform. (free wheel rotation with state inspection or free wheel balancing with oil change, etc.)
  • Fitness gyms can give out exercise programs, dietary nutrition and health improvement ideas and suggestions to enhance the value of their membership.
  • Yard maintenance men can give away free flowers with a landscaping job or the construction of an elevated flowerbed.
  • Supermarkets can give away great recipes while selling you all of the ingredients assembled together for the buyer.
  • Tailors can give away ties with high perception value with the sale of a suit.
  • Dry cleaners can clean your shirts free with accompanying dry cleaning of your business suits.

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