GPI 456 – Establish daily goals for customer contact time and do not go home unless they are achieved.

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What is the most important task in any business?   Selling is the most important aspect of a business. There is no other answer. Without customers and clients, you do not have a viable business. For this reason, measuring not only incoming sales orders is extremely important.  If your sales win ratio is low, you must see a lot of customers in order to keep adequate new orders coming in. For this reason, start recording, measuring and following up on all contacts made each day.

Establish a policy in your company to measure this time spent in front of new potential customers. This is not to say four hours with the same customer is not worth it, but it is important to reach as many customers as possible each day.

Measure and record this customer data daily:

  • All sales personnel report all customers contacted for the day (including weekends playing golf, touring plants, eating lunch).
  • Record the company name, buyers’ names and titles, telephone numbers, email addresses and other information into one shareable database.


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