GPI 475 – Train your accounting staff to do these things daily to help increase company sales and boost the bottom line.

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Train your accounting staff these methods to help increase company sales and boost the bottom line

All employees in a company can help the sales function.  This includes accounting and finance personnel who see various documents every day that may help their sales and marketing department. Here are some ideas your accounting personnel can be aware of  and remember to try every day that will boost the sales and marketing effort.

How accounting/finance personnel can help boost sales:

  1. Research sister divisions of current companies for potential future sales,
  2. Send sales announcements sent out free inside and outside (relevant stickers) company mail
  3. Update shared system data (buyer names, contact information)
  4. Research family groups (groups of companies, common owner):
  5. Research competitors through SIC Codes (search similar potential customers using free library access online)
  6. Follow-up with customers from switchboard complaints (prioritze customer complaints, problems)
  7. Notice and forward daily mail leads (forward mail inquiries to the sales department)
  8. Analyze customer incoming payment checks (contains lots of info, corp office, bank used, who signs checks)
  9. Help with sales mail campaigns (flyers, brochures, etc.):
  10. Issue regular sales reports to the company reps (track sales and shipments, report regularly to sales department)
  11. Issue historical reports (sales history, prior customers, old leads to followup),
  12. Track price increases by customer,
  13. Forward customer feedback to sales/marketing, good or bad:
  14. Thank customers on their anniversaries (help sales acknoledge customer loyalty)
  15. Report timely payments to sales to further pursue these types of customers (timely payments, more sales deserved)
  16. Report margins, high to low (categorize customer earnings/potential)
  17. Report negative GP (gross profit) customers ASAP,
  18. Report customer credit references to sales,
  19. Report credit references to sales that are negative or potentially negative, and
  20. Represent the company well to customers; when speaking with customers directly, be cordial, helpful and respectful regardless of the complaints

For further discussion of each of these topics and ideas for your accounting staff to help sales, please read … GPI 475


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