IDEA: Ask warranty info and log it on your company purchases for everything you buy.

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There are lots of things companies buy everyday that have warranties to cover product performance and wear and tear, but most employees of those companies do not think about that when they replace a failed or broken machine part or supply.  They just order a replacement item without asking if the old one was covered under any purchase agreement or manufacturer’s warranty and if that warranty period has ended. Stop your company spending money while throwing out valuable warranty coverage your purchased originally. When your purchasing personnel are asked to buy something, they must first research whether the faulty or broken part is still covered under an existing warranty. Have your IT department add a warranty field in your purchasing system and instruct your buyers to ask vendors about warranties on all of the items your buyers purchase before signing the agreement.  Negotiate extended warranties at the time you purchase items, not later after they break down.  Do not allow employees to buy another part from another vendor without your purchasing department asking the original vendor about the remaining life of the part that failed.  This justifies a discount on a replacement part to be bought from that vendor.  He will honor it because he is paid by the manufacturer.  It would be well worth the effort in a large organization to assign someone to monitor and manage purchasing’s warranties.  They can then run monthly warranty expiration reports which will indicate the warranties that are about to expire. Find out if those parts or supplies are still useful and working and if not, ask whether the same vendor should not be called to negotiate your next purchase with an included discount given the failure of the first part.

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