IDEA: Ask your customer one more question and listen to some free advice before they hang up.

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Your customer service people who take calls all day speak directly with and resolve problems for most customers.  They hear the complaints, work through owners’ manuals and instructions, reorder replacement parts for callers and develop a good rapport with them before they hang up.  Customers generally like customer service representatives who can quickly resolve problems. This may put them in a friendly mood to answer a question before hanging up.   Instead of ending the call, ask your customer service representatives to ask just one more call.

Give the customer the opportunity to offer criticism or give you numerous valuable product improvement suggestions. 

  • Ask what is the one thing they would change about the product if they could (other than the price)?
  • Ask what color is missing for the product they bought from you?
  • What color would they like to see offered?
  • Ask what makes this product unique from other competitors on the market or what makes worse?
  • What needs to be sold alongside this product, something that would compliment the product?
  • What can be added or changed to make the product more valuable?
  • What different size should be added to the line?
  • What different finish could the company devise and offer to consumers?
  • What is the best thing about the product in their opinion?
  • What needs to be redesigned?
  • What one thing would make this product more helpful, attractive or more desirable?

Ask one of these questions at the end of your conversations every week with your customers and you will learn more about your firm about what needs to improve in order for you to grow.

Is there anything we missed?

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