IDEA: Ask your sales personnel to report each time they must say “No” to customers.

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You need to know why your inside and outside sales personnel must tell customers “No” any time they do so. Why? They may need to be retrained or your company may need to change its policies. Review the reasons why the are declining to help the customer and reanalyze your procedures (i.e. early payment discounts offered? Overnight freight ($ 50,000 order)? Free freight over $10,000? Product offered in other colors (order is over $100,000)? Product pickup after 6:00 PM closing time (pre-paying for this first $25,000 load from a $500M dollar company)? You need to know what the market is asking your people and reevaluate your policies. Don’t allow them to say “no” unless they ask up the chain first.  When they ask enough, management will understand it needs to change for the good of the company.

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