IDEA: Gather up and log all customer complaints for they will also bring you great sales ideas for free (if you listen).

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Instead of tossing complaints and comments from customers, gather them up and analyze what is being mentioned, questioned, asked  and suggested directly and indirectly by your customers.  They will complain, whine and talk incessantly about what your product is missing and for this, you should thank them and pay attention. You want to know their experience in the market and analyze what they are suggesting to you indirectly for the ultimate improvement to your product. Listen when they say 1.) Does this come in colors?, 2.) Are these the only sizes?, 3.) Why does your product weigh so much? Do you have a lighter one I don’t have to lug around?, 4.) I wish this was more narrow, then it would fit in my cup holder in the car.  5.) Does this come in a cheaper version?  I don’t need all the bells and whistles you have. 6.) Do you have a store in (anyplace USA)? 7.) It is too bad your product does not (fill it in).   8.)  I saw your product or something like it in Europe but theirs (does the following) a lot more for a lot less. 9.) Do you have any instructions with pictures?  That would help me to understand a lot. 10.) Where do you buy spare parts for this? There is nothing in the package to tell you.  11.) Where can I get this repaired?, 12.) Where is a telephone number for support? 13.) Did you guys ever think about making the packaging part of the permanent carrying bag?  That is what they do at …… 14.) What is the warranty on this?  It is not mentioned on the box.  15.) Do you have a senior discount? Your competitor does. Try reading his monthly newsletter for suggestions.

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