GPI 039 – Print the original due date on your packing list so when you deliver early, it reminds your customer you are dependable!

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Remind the customer of your commitment to excellent service. When you are on time or arrive early at your engagement, do something out of the ordinary and remind them of your commitment to doing what you promise.

Have the original promised delivery due date for your customer’s order printed out on the packing list next to where he will sign when he receives the shipment. When the customer signs for the delivery with his name and current date received, have the driver remind the customer of our commitment to service by smiling and saying, “If you do not mind, please notice we are early on this shipment.”

This is not a big deal but it is very necessary to remind customers of your adherence to your word on promising great products and the service that goes with those products. This seems like a very little thing but will begin to build in the customer’s mind as to your dependability. Dependability is many times more important than price because it keeps buyers out of hot water with their bosses. When given the choice, your buyers’ bosses will choose not to yell about price as loudly as they will when they do not get deliveries on time. Missed deadlines mean higher costs, customer delays and a host of other financial costs and penalties for the customer. Be on time and tell them when you are.


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