GPI 040 – Do more than you promise; surprise and delight the customer.

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Promise something to your customer and exceed it to the delight of your customers. Here are a few examples that all of us would appreciate if received.

Examples of exceeding the company promise:

  1. Promise a service call between 9 and 12 and show up a few minutes before nine; call the customer first and then ask if it is ok with them for your workers to start early.
  2. Deliver items to your customers’ homes earlier than when they expect it.
  3. Handle paperwork, forms, registrations and licenses for the customer. Make what you deliver truly premium service. Take the headache away from buying or purchasing what you sell.       Make everything easy about dealing with your firm.
  4. If you deliver a new refrigerator, offer to take the old one away if your customer needs that service. Consider doing this for anything that is being sold that is replacing something already owned by the customer. They may want the old one but you do not know how many people do not buy the new one because they do not know what to do with the old one they have. Eliminate their worries and simultaneously make a sale.
  5. If a car is being repaired, take the person home and have the car delivered if it is in the shop for major repairs. In fact, offer ultra-premium car service that is performed at night with the car delivered to your driveway before you go to work the next morning; work done while you sleep.
  6. When a manufactured item is shipped, an email is sent to the buyer that the truck just left the plant on its way to his designated shipping location.       Have this programmed in your system so that it goes to multiple email addresses if the buyer chooses this option to be notified.
  7. If you are hired to remove a tree from a yard, take all of the remaining debris in your truck. Rake the yard before leaving. Clean the yard and leave it in better shape than when you found it. Ask the owner to inspect your work before leaving and signing the work order.
  8. If you clean carpets, do the difficult work. Move the furniture out and back into the rooms as part of the price, automatically. Leave a room freshener if possible and maybe let the customer determine a specific scent from a selection you offer beforehand upon taking the order.
  9. If you sell baked pies, offer a premium service which includes a couple of paper plates, plastic utensils and a couple of napkins. Ultra-premium service includes a quart of vanilla ice cream and a scoop.
  10. If you prepare tax returns, prepare and send a newsletter to your clients two or three months before yearend to provide a detailed list of “10 Best Ideas for Tax Planning BEFORE The Year Ends and You See Me!”. Your advice ahead of time will make you more money than anything else you do since you will stand out and amaze your clients. Send this advice ahead of time. If you really want to get their attention, handwrite a couple of pieces of advice on their copy when you send it to personalize their listing concerning their own individual tax situations. You will relate to them personally and virtually guarantee their return business for your gesture.
  11. If your company protests property taxes on behalf of your clients or companies, send a listing of tasks that can be done before yearend to cut the company’s property taxes. It is useless to tell your clients after yearend since it is too late then to affect December 31st balances. Your suggestions will be talked about, passed around and most likely, you will pick up new customers who want a proactive firm working in their behalf also.
  12. House cleaning staff can give their clients information gathered during their service. Add value to your service.       They can prepare notes before they leave checking off the tasks that were done and noting those items that will be done the next time, or those items that could not be done.

Handwrite all of the issues noted that the homeowner needs to be aware of:

  • bathtub dripping.
  • sound from the attic (possible squirrels or pest infestation noted).
  • cracks in windows and casements.
  • air blowing in around door framings (losing heat, costing money).
  • evidence of water dripping along the wall behind appliances like the freezer or refrigerator.
  • areas of the carpet that are noted to be wet or smell from mildew.
  • areas of the flooring that seem to sag or creak (flooring needs inspection possibly).
  • odd cars sitting in the street that are normally not there (write down the license plate numbers in case this hunch pans out).
  • mention all service personnel that come to the house while the cleaning service is being performed (note their company names and vehicle license plate numbers for the owner).
  • if something critical occurs, call the homeowner while you are at the house and inform them of the problem at their house.
  • lights or room ceiling fans that do not work, or especially note those electrical fixtures that are noted to flicker off and on as if from electrical ‘shorts’.

Is there anything we missed?

How would you improve the idea above ?

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