GPI 048 – Get visitors busy, mesmerized and thinking while waiting; convince them to buy something or to tell you a great idea!

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Your firm has visitors every day that arrive for appointments, come to solicit their own firms or people who come to your facility seeking employment.  They all must wait for some period of time.  While they sit keep them busy or keep them occupied.  Instead of having a television on which has wasted your sales opportunity, keep them busy focused on the products you made or watching depictions of the services you provide.

Things your visitors can do or watch while waiting:

  1. Show Company Videos:  Show an ongoing video of the company products or services.  Show those products being used or services being performed.  Show the benefits one derives from selecting the company’s products.  Make it very clear and easy how to do business with you.
  2. Show Charity Events:  Show slides or photos of the company charity events that were held.  Keep the slide show or video brief and to the point and make sure to indicate the dollar amount raised and where the visitor might want to send a donation to help contribute.
  3. Give Visitors Literature:  Give your visitors catalogs to take with them that offer your products and make it easy to order from their home.  Give them literature about your products or services.
  4. Give Visitors Product Samples:  Give your visitor one of your new featured new flavor cookies that your bakery just introduced.  Give your visitor a sample pack of salsa types your supermarket just started selling.  Give your visitor a useful plastic trinket that your manufacturing plant makes (measuring tool, ruler, key ring, kitchen aids, etc.).
  5. Ask For Idea Submissions For Your Suggestion Box:  Include visitors in your idea contests.  Be willing to pay them.  Ask them to tell you an idea they have and ask for them to turn it in now or take it with them and mail it to you.  Show a listing of the submissions that previously won your company idea contests posted on the wall to possibly trigger their ideas.  List out the types of ideas and offer blank idea submission sheets that can be taken home by any visitor and mailed in to qualify for awards or prizes.  Make sure to tell them how to write their idea, where to include their name and phone number, and the address where to mail their submission when they are finished.

Is there anything we missed?

How would you improve the idea above ?

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