GPI 077 – Pay employees first and the owner last, per his request.

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When a company owner declares that he pays everyone else first before he gets paid, it may or may not be believed but it makes a great statement.  It definitely declares the company’s acknowledgment of the value of its employees.  Following this sometimes is easier said than done, but the owner can get a lot of political capital saying this out loud for all to hear and writing it down for all to see.  Always pay the employees first and the owner last.  Write it on the wall and let customers see the company’s declared values and it creates goodwill transcending into customer loyalty.

Show the employees that they are important and tell them they get paid first.  They run the business.  When they do not give it all they have, the business has to find someone that will.  Allow the company owner to tell employees that they get paid first because he values them.  Add into that presentation that he gets paid last because without them, there is no company.  Because the company pays its employees first, it expects and will reward a lot to them for this great performance.  Remind everyone who works for the company they are greatly valued.

Tell employees they will always be paid first, but the company cannot support employees when there are no sales or no customer growth.  Part of this ability to pay everyone lies in providing great service and making and distributing excellent products the market demands.  Anything less will not work for the future of the company or the paychecks of its employees.


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