GPI 174 – Ask your maintenance man which company machine he hates the most and why.

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If you want to hear an unexpected answer about your company’s equipment, ask the maintenance manager which machine he hates the most and the reasons why?   Ask him some of these questions.

  • Find out what his perception is about the machine,
  • How difficult it is to repair, why he has this problem?
  • Is it difficult to get spare parts?  More so than other brands? Why specifically?
  • Is it difficult to fix?  Is it hard to find a skilled mechanic for this machine?
  • Is it down more than the other brands of machines? Timewise how much?
  • Does the machine require other work, maintenance, parts, or time that the other brands do not?
  • What would he prefer to have versus this machine and why would it earn more money than this one?

If your company cannot get rid of it, ask your maintenance man about whether it would be worth sending him for manufacturer’s training or if maybe identifying an outside maintenance contractor who specializes in this type of repair.  He may be faster, have spare parts available and be a good source of information for your maintenance employee.

Ask this simple question and once the first machine problem is resolved, ask him what his number two on his list of despised company machines.

Is there anything we missed?

How would you improve the idea above ?

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