GPI 256 – 12 Reasons to bill your customers less than you quoted.

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Companies always wince when they get the final invoice from a new vendor.  They anticipate that the price will be different from the quote and get themselves prepared for a fight.   Do not do this.  Make sure when you do work for a new client to bill that client at least equal to your bid or something less.

There are a lot of reasons why you want to do this but you already know why from your own experience as a consumer who has waited in the past and then became irate when the real bill arrives at a ,much higher dollar amount than quoted.  Here are some more to consider your actions on treating your future and current customer bids.

Why bill less than you originally quoted your client? 

  1. He does not expect fair treatment, given other bad incidents he may have endured prior to your arrival.
  2. He is thinking of your higher dollar figure on the quote until he sees your lower invoice amount.
  3. Your lower final invoice amount did not abuse him; he’s stunned and also instantly happy.  This is how you want a customer to leave your firm, in a good mood.
  4. He will leave smiling and relaxed.
  5. He will have a better attitude at the final time of payment.
  6. He will feel he was treated fairly.
  7. When you bill him less than he expects, this event feels, to him, the same as if you handed him money.
  8. He will most likely return now that you did not disappoint him.
  9. He will think of you positively in the future.
  10. You helped him and he will not forget it.
  11. He will give you great referrals, if not more work himself.
  12. He will advertise you freely and willingly, with no provocation from you because you gave him good work, a very fair price and did not take advantage of him when he was the most vulnerable.

Is there anything we missed?

How would you improve the idea above ?

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