GPI 295 – Sell outside; create an exterior sign with changing daily messages listing everything you do, make or sell.

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Use an existing exterior sign to display daily messages discussing everything your firm sells or services. Assign one department to change out the message every day.  If it is an electronic sign, change the message internally on a keyboard.  Change it frequently and vary the message so it is different but relevant and causes passersbys to know something important about your company and begin to look forward to reading it every day.

Examples of daily sign messages:

  • Restaurants: Post everything on your menu, one item at a time, each day. (i.e. We prepare… Chicken Fried Steak, Baked Chicken, Tuna Salad, Lasagna, Tuna Melts, Cheeseburgers, Sub Sandwiches, French Fries, Onion Rings, Caesar Salads, Grilled Chicken Sandwiches).
  • Machine Shops: Indicate everything your custom metal manufacturing machine shop has made out of metal  (i.e. We make… oil & gas supplies, automotive parts, truck chassis, metal medical bed frames, perforation guns for oil exploration, fruit sorting equipment, cattle feeding equipment.
  • Banks: List every financial product you sell.  (i.e. free checking accounts $1,000 minimum, savings accounts, certificates of deposit 1 Year, certificates of deposit 5 Years, home loans 10, 15, 20, 30 years, Variable Rate mortgages, Fixed Rate mortgages).
  • Automotive Shops: List all of the services you provide and equipment that you stock for sale and replacement. (i.e. We sell… tires, brake pads, oil changes, 25,000 mile tune-ups, 50,000 mile tune-ups, 5,000 mile motor oil, synthetic motor oil, transmission repairs, radiator flushes, alternator rebuilds, new batteries, battery recharges, motor rebuilds, All Tune-Ups $99 This Week Only!).
  • Retail Shops: List everything that is on sale each week (i.e. men’s shorts, ladies’ tops, all bras on sale 35% off, socks 2 pair for price of one, buy a hammer and get a screwdriver free, 10 penny nails 50% off, 10W30 motor oil buy 3 quarts and get 2 free, windshield wiper blades 25% off, oil change $15 today only)
  • End of Summer Sales (50% off on everything!)
  • After Christmas Blowout (85% off all red tags; 65% everything else)
  • We Cash Paychecks (Special $4.99 this week).
  • Flood Sale (If It Got Wet, 75% Off Limited Time!)
  • We Bought Too Much – 25% Off Everything!
  • Floorsheim Mens’ Shoes – Buy 1 pair, Get 1 pair

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