GPI 361 – Return wrong mail to your neighbors with the right employee and it may turn into a sales call.

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When your receptionist gets the company mail, ask her to forward any mail incorrectly delivered to your company to the sales department.  She most likely drops it back into your company mailbox so it is picked up and redelivered by the postal carrier. If this mail is addressed to a nearby company, give your sales department the opportunity to deliver it personally. Doing the right thing may establish a new customer for your organization.

Research your firm first. Before the sales representative takes this mail to its correct owner, quickly look up the company name and information first. Discover what this firm buys and sells before going to their facility. Research their capabilities like you would any new potential customer.

Send literature with your rep.   If you do not currently do business with the firm and there seems to be sales or purchasing possibilities, take company literature describing your capabilities and hand it to  your sales person who will go. Have this person take their mail to them and simultaneously make a friendly sales call. He will either leave his sales business card or that of your best purchasing agent depending upon the outcome of the sales call and what the company does in the market. Set this up with your mail person every day because there are many reasons why you want more sales closer to your office.

Reasons why this approach may work:

  • Customer nearby: If you get mail incorrectly delivered to your company, the other company is most likely close by (a few blocks). This company may or may not be a potential customer or vendor but you won’t know until you show up with his mail.
  • Maintenance costs minimal: If there are any sales or purchasing possibilities, the costs of caring for a customer in the neighborhood are minimal. (i.e. cheap shipping, quick replacement parts, fast service as needed, preferential treatment, known personnel, sometimes shared resources and neighborhood partnerships or business associations).
  • Purchasing possibilities: If this is a possible vendor, require your purchasing people to try this company first because the shipping costs should be cheap. The vendor is close so he has the great opportunity of keeping you very happy if he is smart. Vendors want customers close by because it is easier to make money and service these accounts.
  • Neighborhood associations: Regardless of the sales or purchasing opportunities, get to know your neighboring companies. They can help you in a number of ways.

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