IDEA for Intern: Create a chronological calendar for vehicle service, registration and inspection dates for all company trucks, cars, vans and trailers.

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Instruct an intern to gather all of the vehicle records of your company and sort them in chronological order, month by month by the following dues dates. Include these records for not only company owned vehicles but also vehicles on long term leases which require company insurance, DOT compliance and DOT stickers.

Include these dates for all company vehicles:

  • Regular state and DOT inspection dates (state and federal),
  • Registration expiration dates (state),
  • IFTA stickers required (DOT monitored vehicles),
  • License plate expiration dates,
  • Scheduled service dates,
  • Include assigned driver,
  • Assigned ELDs (electronic logging devices), required on regulated DOT monitored vehicles, and
  • Include any assigned fuel and maintenance fuel card numbers and access codes assigned to each unit.

You most likely will want to post this on a drive where your company’s employees can get access to it and learn of upcoming deadlines

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