IDEA: Let your website visitors give you suggestions. Let them finish the sentence “Your website is missing………”.

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Continuously ask for feedback from visitors to your company website.  Invite your website visitors to tell you what is missing.  Invite their comments starting with “Your website is missing…..” or “I would like to see …..” or “You need to …..”:

  • Parts of your company website which are difficult to operate,
  • There are sections of your website that are not friendly or intuitive,
  • There is important information I was looking for that I could not find,
  • The contact information is hidden and also difficult to get to,
  • You do not have a physical address?
  • Where is your telephone number?
  • FAQs are incomplete or missing key questions left unanswered,
  • There are really key operating features that other websites have that yours does not,
  • There are things or features I would like to see added before I spend any money there,
  • I could not find any way to print some desired information I wanted,
  • Your logins are unnecessary, bothersome, difficult or sometimes do not work,
  • Your website has sections which are too cumbersome to get through or figure out how they work,
  • There are places where the mouse does not work well, or fails,
  • I wanted to give you feedback when comments are stuck or unable to be forwarded and could not submit it.

Is there anything we missed?

How would you improve the idea above ?

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