IDEA: Hang large inexpensive magnetic signs out front to advertise specials: change them out often.

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Magnetic signs are far cheaper than electronic signs so if you cannot afford electronic, have cheaper but effective magnetic signs made to be used over and over again.  Magnetic signs may or may not work for your organization so consider what events you have repeatedly that need to be advertised openly to your customers. For example, have some large magnetic signs made for your firm and hang them advertising specials of the day. Place them on a flat square metal sign that sits in front of your facility near the road (both sides), on the sidewalk or possibly near your entrance up on the wall or doorway of your company. Change out the sign every day or as needed for different sales, events or promotions. If it is changed out frequently, it will be noticed from the street. Note:  the cost for a magnetic sign about 2 ft x 2ft is roughly $25, far less than an electronic sign that run as high as $5,000 to $10,000.  For that you can buy a lot of magnetic signs.

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