IDEA: Teach your customers. Give them helpful information your competitors do not.

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Teach your customers and give them helpful information on how to buy your product or service. Give them an important checklist of things to ask and do before making a purchasing decision about the industry you know well. If you end up teaching them more about the subject than they knew, you may convince them to return to your firm now that they trust you. You become the expert. You cause them to turn to you to answer questions.  Make sure you give them some information of value that shows you know what your talking about. (i.e. lawn care – proper care of broad grass suggstions, tips to consider when hiring an outside machine shop, quality remodeling tips and suggestions (what to look for and what to avoid), advice on raising vegetables, tax return preparer handouts containing 15-20 suggestions to complete before yearend to minimize any customer’s tax liability, suggested list of childrens’ vaccines to be administered each year until 10 years old.

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