IDEA: Terminated employees should not be surprised: there should be existing written warnings in their files.

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Each employee that is terminated for cause should not be surprised. Up to the point of termination, you as a supervisor or manager should have talked to the employee of their deficiencies and been clear when you told them what they needed to do in order to successfully perform to standard in the position. You previously gave them a written notice (copied into their HR file) clarifying their problems and what you expect them to do to improve by a certain time. They should not be surprised when they are terminated because you should have warning slips and evidence of several discussions for improvement in their personnel records in their file. Your efforts at writing up the employee, communicating it to him is only fair in order to give him opportunity to change and adhere to company policies and the assigned job description.  Your written notices provided to him prior to terminating him also will most likely prohibit most law suits and possible damages imposed by a labor court against your firm.

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