IDEA: What is holding you up from doing your job today? Ask everyone, be surprised then fix it.

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Ask employees every day what is the worst thing that holds up their job from getting done on time.  Who keeps them finishing their deadlines on time? What in the system is it that cause  them setbacks or delays?  Ask them frequently and invite their honest answers. Tell them if it involves a specific person, their answer can be private.  Most of the employees’ answers reveal poor training through the production process.  It will become apparent from talking with just a few individuals that there multiple issues that are cutting into profit.  Find out what these issues are by asking every day what is holding up your employees?  Tell them you as a supervisor or manager are determined to eliminate their hurdles so they can do their job more easily. Remember that this question is not to be asked just one day.  You need to encourage your employees to automatically tell you what is holding them up.

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