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GPI 017 – Help job seekers regardless whether you hire them or not; community goodwill returns to you!

Your firm is not responsible to help job seekers get jobs.  You want qualified people and cannot hire everyone.  The one thing your front office people can do for those looking for work that are not hired by your firm, is give out advice about where to look.  This costs nothing and has a positive influence on those that live in your community.  Remember that those looking may be friends or family members with your employees.  You cannot afford to treat any person badly or rudely.  Try one of these things if you wish to be helpful and remembered well by the visitor.

Things you can do for jobseekers before they leave:

  1. State employment offices listing handouts: Give the job seeker a listing of your state’s unemployment offices where your state lists out job openings.  Most states list jobs mandated by government contracts and want the unemployed to get a job versus drawing unemployment if possible.  In Texas for example, the Texas Workforce had 65,000 jobs listed on its website in October 2013.  In Houston alone, there are fifteen offices to walk into five days a week – 8 am to 5 pm – for job search assistance.
  2. Neighborhood companies lists: Prepare and give out a list of similar companies and telephone numbers located in your neighborhood or industrial park that might be hiring or may need the job seeker’s specific talents or skills.
  3. Internet job search websites: Give out a one page listing out of the top ten job search websites on the internet.  This is easy to print out of Google and handouts cost you almost nothing but gain you tremendous thanks for your compassion.
  4. Neighborhood referrals: Keep in touch with your neighbors and let them know you are hiring and ask if they are so you can make referrals.

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