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GPI 018 – Be Unique and Remembered; Be the 24/7 Provider of Your Product or Service!

Why would you advertise your product to be available 24/7?  If you want your name to be associated directly to your product or service be the first firm that says you can call us 24/7, and you will get what you want.  Associate your company with that product so that when people think of the product you make, they think of your firm.

Examples of 24/7 Product Availability:

  1. Selling Tires:  If you sell tires and a potential customer has a flat at 3:00 a.m., you want to be known as the company that one can depend upon to send a truck with a replacement tire to you directly.  Of course, the cost is a little higher but most likely worth it to the guy with the flat at 3:00 a.m.
  2. Selling Pizzas:  If you really want to be known for selling pizzas, you will sell them on the off hours also.  You will be unique and talked about when you can brag about delivering pizzas at five in the morning, at six in the afternoon during rush hour, at seven in the morning on a weekend.
  3. Selling Haircuts:  If you run a salon for hair and nails, you do not know when a client may have the need at an odd hour.  Advertise (for an extra fee) that your salon’s services are available 24/7.  As a requirement for renting space in your salon, make it mandatory that the stylists must be on call (taking turns week to week) for those call-ins after hours.  Your clients will appreciate this availability if nothing else.
  4. Selling Business Advice:  It is a long shot to offer business advice 24/7.  Many small business owners go to work early in the morning, run their businesses by themselves and are sometimes perplexed as to how to handle differing problems (i.e.  Advertising, legal, accounting, internet, employee) their firm is facing.  Many times talking about problems with a business expert on the telephone might help the business owner to formulate options he might consider.  Speaking to someone with business expertise helps.  You might offer a service where the business owner calls in, poses the issue and then hangs up waiting for a call back.  An expert with a similar background could be located to return the call.  This service should be made available 24/7 and be reasonably priced.  A follow-up written report might be something that could be issued to the subscriber plus this answer could be added to an ongoing database of problems that were resolved by the firm.



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