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GPI 019 – Award Safe Company Drivers; Penalize or Terminate Those with Multiple Accidents!

Your company pays for insurance in the event a company vehicle has an accident.  You do not want accidents nor do you want exposure to litigation from your drivers’ mistakes.  You can do a few things to help reduce the potential risk having multiple company vehicles on the road (i.e.  Salesmen making sales calls; delivery driver’s dropping off your products; or picking up company purchases; maintenance men running off to various stores for parts and supplies; company personnel returning from business events, etc.).

Things your firm can do to cut down vehicle accidents involving your autos and trucks.

  1. Install telephone speakers in the cab so your driver can speak and drive safely while talking with dispatch.
  2. Hold safe driver meetings on a regular basis.  Ask if your insurance firm has any suggested; they have great ideas and want you to participate.  They may offer discounts for your participation.
  3. Pay handsome awards to those drivers who have the least number of accidents, regardless of fault.  You want your drivers to be on the offensive at all times and you want them to look for and avoid other bad drivers.
  4. Increase your insurance deductibles to drive total premium costs down.
  5. Install monitoring devices in the vehicles to watch for speeding, heavy or sudden braking.  These devices help to keep your insurance rates low for good drivers.
  6. Install speed governors on all vehicles, especially for short, in-town trips.
  7. Run driving records periodically on all company vehicle drivers to check background driving records (regardless where or when the tickets or violations occurred.


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