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GPI 037 – Talk about what you can do rather than what your competitor does not — forget attack ads!

You will never gain any ground bad-mouthing your competition.  It leaves an odd feeling with the reader or observer because they are left wondering what good was this slam at the competition.  When customers hear all of the focus on the competition, the first reaction of the listener to this type of message is negative.  You most likely will not be adept at negative advertisements because very few are good at presenting them without getting ‘soiled’ while doing it.  Do not waste your time.  Advertising is expensive so focus on what you do best.  Why not take the opportunity that you have to speak with customers to tell them why you are a good choice?  You have a short window of opportunity so do not waste their time.

Forget mentioning your competitors in your advertisements.  Focus on what you offer and be positive about your offerings to the market.  Discuss clearly and succinctly what you do well and describe the benefits the buyer will enjoy and realize by visiting your firm or choosing your products or services.  Do not mention the competitors’ names.  You come across as confusing and cause observers to wonder what the point is when hearing negative statements.

Customers do not want to come home to hear you complaining about the other guy.  You are wasting your ad budget.  Mention your name so it will not be forgotten and detail all of the benefits the buyer will receive when he buys your products or experiences your services.  Make the potential customer feel good and not disgusted.  You only get a short time to get a buyer’s attention so do not waste it.  Make sure that every time you speak with the customer, it is a positive experience and is not tainted by accusations.  Talk about your advantages not the other guy’s disadvantages.

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