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GPI 049 – Write a company timeline to demonstrate company firsts: keep it current and fresh.

Create a company timeline and write about as many interesting things and events as you can dig up. Showing your timeline to people who have been with the company for 10 or 20 years will yield even more events that will be contributed.

Items for your company timeline:
1. Discuss and define those who started the firm and why.

2. Define milestones concerning new products, (i.e. shipment of the first
Product “A”, first time the company shipped 1,000 “A” products, first
time product “A” was shipped into Canada or Mexico, first shipment of
product “A” to Europe).

3. Intersperse photos of interesting products or services that were offered
at one time, (i.e. old advertisements, blueprints).

4. Disclose the first-time sales expanded into adjacent states, into other
regions of the country and also talk about and pinpoint the Company’s
first international shipments.

5. Discuss the company’s involvement with charities (i.e. the firm first
sponsored its 5K run for cancer research in 1989 raising $230,000, the
firm sponsored their 5K run for cancer research and passed the $1.0M
mark in 2003, the firm made substantial donations to worthy causes and
the firm began dispersing scholarships donated to eligible local
students in 1990 for a total of $ 125,000).

6. Discuss the total number of employee man-hours that were donated for a
specific cause (i.e. 20,000 hours for cancer research, 1,000 workdays
for epilepsy funding).

7. Repeat news about recurring themes (i.e. first auto steering wheel
made, 10,000th steering wheel made, 1,000,000th steering wheel made, 1st
plastic steering wheel made, 1st metal steering wheel made, 1st steering
wheel made in Russia, 1st steering wheel made for off-road vehicles).

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