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GPI 052 – Advertise on the exterior of your mail – do not make your customers guess what you do!

All businesses have letterhead, envelopes, business cards and other printed literature. You want to teach the market about your company so take every chance to talk to them. Tell them what you can do for them. Include this following information on your company handouts, business cards, brochures, plain and windowless envelopes, mailing packets and shipping boxes.

Information to cram onto your printed materials:

1. Name of your company

2. Address of the firm

3. Telephone of the firm (toll-free if available)

4. Fax number of the firm

5. Website address, email address for inquiries, help emails

6. Main Product Lines (i.e. for your bakery: Doughnuts, Cookies, Cakes &
Other Specialty Bakery Products; for your auto repair shop: Brakes,
Struts, Suspension, Transmission, Tires & Batteries; for your CPA firm:
Audits, Financial Reviews, Pension Audits & Court Financial Testimony
and Expertise)

Forget the aesthetics that you worried about in the past. One should be able to pick up a piece of mail from your company and know what you do within a couple of seconds. If your mail goes to the wrong place, given this data is on your package, it is should be easy to get it delivered back to your facility. If necessary, they can also call you about your mail since you gave them an 800 number.

Your test is whether a stranger can pick up your company’s envelope from the mail and tell what you sell before opening it. If a stranger cannot, you have failed and wasted a lot of money on worthless envelopes and packaging.

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