IDEA: Ask your employees where the leaks are in your facilities so you can fix them. Save $.

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Ask your employees where all the water leaks are in your company’s facilities (offices, restrooms, exterior buildings). There are urinals that leak but only when they are flushed. There are toilet handles that leak because rubber gaskets are worn or need to be replaced. There may be a leaking pipe or faucet in the warehouse on the exterior of the building that has not been replaced. Someone knows where the ceiling tiles show leaks after hard rains (roof leaks)  Which of the multiple sinks in your facilities leak?

Ask where there are signs of flooding (backed up or slow urinals or toilets, sinks or garage wash-up bowls).  Assign a maintenance assistant to have record all the leaks and have them repaired by a reputable firm if your own people do not know how to properly do it.

Small leaks never get adequate attention. There is always a bigger crisis. Over time all small ongoing costs mount up. Assign a body to resolve these leaking profits. Consider hiring an intern (college engineering student) or an outside semi-retired handy man to coordinate all the repairs with a qualified plumber or plumbing vendor. Repair them all at once and start saving water and sewer expense.

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