IDEA: Give customers free advice every day on email links featured under employees’ signatures on outgoing mail.

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Link current pertinent video links below your employees’ email signatures to sell products, services or to announce company information.  Create a short video (5 to 10 seconds maybe)  that shows a new product or service your firm offers. This is a cheap form of advertising and gives recipients the option to view it now, later or never. You and your employees can attach this link to the bottom of your emails beneath the signature line and offer it to everyone that you and your employees (including customer service) contact every day.

IDEA:  Give your clients or customers instructions.  Give them a list of things to do in order to save money. For example, give them a to-do list of things to prepare for tax preparation.  Give parents a reminder of shots due and ages for their kids.  Offer a list of instructional short one or two minute videos on how to clean the various equipment models your company manufactures.  Vary this instruction list to meet the needs of just your company.

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