GPI 033 – Is it hard to find your telephone number or website address? Do not ignore this simple basic of advertising — make it easy to reach your firm!

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Do not forget to perform these basic actions for marketing your company and making it easy for customers to contact you. Put your telephone number and website address on everything.

Ideas for your telephone number placement:

  1. Print contact information on your shopping bags, boxes, shrink-wrap or pallet-boxes that go home with your consumers.
  2. Print this information on your company business cards that your sales representatives hand out.
  3. Print this on your front door of your facility (especially for after-hour visitors who want to follow up with someone as soon as your door opens).
  4. Feature your contact information on your company’s vehicle door magnetic signs (autos, trucks, delivery vans, 18 wheelers, company truck beds, etc.).
  5. Wherever possible, print your telephone number and website address on your products (put this information directly on stickers adhered to the air conditioners you serviced, hair shampoo bottles, dog food bags, nail polish samples, internal metal parts or components or anything that is not thrown away with the initial packaging. Include this information because you do not know why the customer might need it in the future. He may want to find out how to reorder in a different location, or order in bulk, inquire about different product or service options or he may be asking in order to become a distributor.
  6. Print your contact information on all company literature and brochures,
  7. Print your contact information on all company letterhead paper, envelopes, purchase order forms, company billing invoices, freight packing lists, shipping authorizations, sales acknowledgments, and any other document your company issues to customers.
  8. Include your contact information on all your receipts that the customer takes home.


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