GPI 047 – Put candy in the mouths of your visitors before they leave; they will not forget the association – sweet taste, great company!

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Hard candy is something cheap to leave out in the lobby for visitors.  Everyone appreciates getting candy; it makes all of us return to being a kid for just a few moments.  It is a small additional cost but may be well worth it because it reduces anxiety, reduces tension and automatically makes people remember their visit to your firm.  Being happier they may talk more and this is really what you want.  Your visitors may associate the candy and this short pleasant time with being at your facility.

Put a large bowl of wrapped candy out for visitors to enjoy.  You will cause a mental association for people visiting your firm that that will not be duplicated anywhere else they go.  You will get them talking and smiling at the same time and that is worth a lot of marketing money in for the price of a bag of candy.

Is there anything we missed?

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