GPI 116 – Tell employees good news too, on a regular basis.

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Keep and teach your subordinates an overall positive perspective every day.  Telling them what is wrong every day with no balance teaches them to turn you off.  There is bad news obviously but there is always good news also.  Do you tell your employees the good news also?

Tell employees all news.  Asking questions of employees on a regular basis will reveal problems which can be addressed.  What will also be discussed is the fact that there are many things that are good about how the company performs for its customers.  That needs to be shared as well.  Discussing problems is very good because it helps to fix problems, helps to ensure the company continues to be in operation and helps to generate a profit so it can continue to hire and raise salaries and benefits.  There is good news and there is bad news.  Provide both on a regular basis.

Post positive comments from customers for all to see every week.  Take good compliments and spread them around.  Share these comments with those employees who are responsible.  Post them on the walls in clear view of all employees whenever possible.  The main reason you need to announce good news is that your company does not want to be regarded as bearing only bad news all of the time or your constant negative warnings will soon be ignored.

Employees (people) get burnt out on bad news announced every day.  When they hear negative comments or discussion that covers only problems or complaints, employees soon begin to ignore them.  The company overall most likely does a fairly good job in its market or it would not remain open long for business.  Since that is the case, what does the company do well?

Focus on the things that work and keep negative issues in perspective.  Share good comments and positive views with those who earned them.  You do not want to be the bearer of only bad.  You will become irrelevant.

Report outside positive comments and relate them to all employees.  Positive or good things or events that happen need to be shared with employees, especially when the customers mention specific people who made this happen.  These wonderful events need to be shared with all employees; it is the best advertising and marketing you can have.  You cannot pay for great word of mouth.  Never waste compliments.

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