GPI 168 – Do not quit bidding after you lose; odds are you about to win soon.

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There is a thought in the marketplace that even if you have lost a number of times in a row after bidding to a client, especially one who has invited your participation, do not make the fatal mistake of quitting or walking away.  You are about to win a job for a number of reasons so go in there and tell them you want to work for them, again.

Continue to bid after you lose.   Buyers need multiple bids and cannot award all bids to the same guy.  Keep bugging the buyer where you have continually lost bids.  He may just give you some work out of guilt or at least try you out.  Do not give up.  After losing two or three bids, you have some leverage; the company feels compelled to give you something, especially if it knows and feels you are qualified to do the work and continues to take your bids.

After you lose, ask about the next bid.  Buyers have to get a number of bids for comparison.  The buyer must obtain a minimum number of bids in most companies.  He needs your bid because if he does award the same company repeatedly, he runs the risk of alienating alternative vendors who will no longer bid.  It looks bad if he awards the same vendor; is he on the take?  Do not quit bidding — you will get something.

Buyers ultimately will give you something out of guilt.  Keep trying with this company; you are close, real close.  You are close to winning some work just out of default and the need of this buyer to get multiple bids.  Remind him you have been persistent and need to show what your firm can do for him.  Keep pushing and do not quit at this point.

Ask for it persistently.   Ask for the work and do not hesitate to follow-up when you are not chosen.

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