IDEA: Offer access to restrooms to drivers waiting in your shipping department; they may be employees of your customers.

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Your firm has trucks constantly coming to your shipping department. Some will be third party freight haulers. Some will be truckdrivers who work directly for your customers. Half the time your receiving personnel will not know the difference.  Make sure they are trained to offer access to restrooms and drinking water (if available) to all incoming drivers while their truck is in line waiting to load up. Train them to check on the drivers and keep them informed how much longer it will take in order to unload their truck.  You want your courtesy to be applied to all drivers.  You do not need negative direct comments from drivers relayed back to the customer’s buyer, the very guy you just tried to request for more business.

Note:  One thing to remember, the truckdrivers go pick up product at your facility and your competitors.  If prompted in casual conversation, he may be nice enough to disclose where he picks up loads from competitors in casual conversations and the problems with those vendors. Nothing will be learned if no one speaks to drivers and ignores them.

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