IDEA: Receptionists: Ask all callers for name, company name and reason for call if the caller is not recognized or new.

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Instruct your receptionists to ask new unknown callers for their names, companies’ names and reason for the call prior to transferring them to an employee.  Use this as a standard rule answering the company telephone in order to minimize unwanted ‘sales’ calls.  This will help to leave more time for incoming ‘sales inquiries’ to be handled and helped.

Rule #1:   Help expedite all incoming sales inquiries to your sales people.  Make sure those calls get to a human voice.   

Rule #2:   Maximize ‘customer’ time, minimize ‘outside salesmen’ time.  Treat each caller with respect but remember who pays the company.

Note:   You want your receptionist to help any customer buyer that calls in seeking product information answers, a request for a quote or help with a current sales order.  They should spend as much time as possible with these calls and should go out of their way to get someone to answer the telephone or return the call immediately. That is why when transferring the sales inquiry call to a sales person, tell the caller the direct phone number of that sales person before you transfer them so they do not have to wait on the next call. If that call comes back to the switchboard, page the sales person or get another or the sale manager to take the call.

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