IDEA: In deregulated states, hire a utility broker to get best utility pricing and check current costs monthly.

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In some states, electricity is deregulated (i.e. Texas) and providers number in the hundreds. Because of the competition, there are always numerous changing electric rates offered every day in the open market. Because of these options, one can buy contracts for many different lengths of time while spending a lot of time watching rates. This leaves less time to do other things for the company. Do not waste your time on a specialized area. Hire a broker (they are paid by the electric company, carrier) . This is all he does and makes money while saving you money.  Assign him to look for great rates based upon your usage levels.  Review and select an appropriate contract for a provider. Have the broker then start looking for future utility prices lower than your current rate and consider signing up after your current contract expires for a lower rate … but you will sign up now for this future price savings. Every few months, have the broker review your bills to ensure you are not overcharged. All consider paying an engineer to perform a predominant usage study to prove that more than 50% of your usage is for manufacturing purposes. This will enable you to claim exemption for sales tax on your electricity bill  and possibly get a refund for past years where sales tax was paid (in Texas the past four years of sales tax is refunded).  Calculate the sales tax savings against the cost of the predominant usage study.

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