IDEA: Review all customers’ YTD net sales regularly, especially zero customers!

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Review all sales results for all customers in your database at least on a monthly basis to judge selling progress. When customers exceed your sales estimates, ask them again about your company’s percentage of their total purchases and revise your market estimates to reflect actual results. Update your sales dollar estimates you keep on every customer from your sales representatives’ input and visits.  Review all of the assigned potential sales targets that have yet to order.  You will never win over all of the market, but you should be winning new customers each month.  Ask the sales reps why there are no or few new customers.  What is your company missing that hurst the sales effort?  Are you carrying some products but missing others which precludes you from bidding? What are the stated reasons why a targeted customer does not yield the first order. Is the customer tied contractually to another company and cannot exit?  Are our prices too high? Do we have adequate insurance coverage? Do they want products do not carry or do not have? Ask these and more questions for all of the no order targeted new customers.

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