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GPI 004 – Expand market leads; trace your current customers’ classifications to discover sales opportunities!

Use business classifications to find potential customers: In order to target your marketing efforts, you might try tracing current customers through their declared federal business classifications and categories (SIC and NAICS codes). SIC or Standard Industry Classification codes were established in 1937. The newer codes, (the NAICS codes, North American Industry Classification System) were established in 1997.


GPI 002 – Ask your office supplies company for your YTD purchases arranged highest $ item to lowest!

Ask your office supplies company to accumulate all of your purchases for the year (or last year) and list those items purchased from high to low dollars spent. The top five or six items that show up will more likely comprise 30-50% of all your purchases. You might want to exclude copier paper and bid that out separately if it makes up a large amount of the dollars on the list. It is normally a large expense, as well as printer and scanner cartridges, toner and other inks.


GPI 003 – Hang service calendars with telephone numbers on all your equipment.

Print easy to mark laminated page size calendars and hang them off of your copiers, faxes and other large office equipment in order to track service calls and repair dates, using grease pencils. There are several reasons why you want to keep track of the work required for these machines. If you have new equipment that requires frequent maintenance, this may be the proof you need to demand a new replacement machine, especially if it is under warranty.